TUNE IN to The Bends, featuring DeadBeat Downer on WRBB 104.9FM on Fridays at 10 a.m.

So I got a radio show! It's on Fridays at 10 a.m. EST, and if you tune in you're entitled to a free high five and enthusiastic hug from me on next sighting. That's in 15 minutes for those of you on the interwebz at 9:45 in the morning on a Friday. Tune in through [...]


Spinning the web worldwide

Have you ever projected your thoughts directly onto the surface of a distant sun? A sun whose surface is on display for anyone who feels like stopping by, in a galaxy of similarly opaque celestial bodies? It's like lighting my own personal bat signal. It's special. It's howling at the moon. Others join in. We [...]

People haven’t changed: Journalism hasn’t changed

I read this article filed under "Analysis" on the Columbia Journalism Review website. I'll admit, it got my gander. The whole thing is a criticism of Michael Wolff–I bet you've heard of his new book–and the author, Michael J. Socolow, outlines exactly why journalists are frustrated with the gossip columnist turned political author. Socolow asserts that journalists [...]

You may have seen the work of InspiroBot, but have you experienced the kidneys of justice?

I am experimenting with Clickbait. Please forgive me. In the interests of attracting memers, edgelords and webhounds to my personal blog, here is my latest foray into online culture. I have spent some time clicking through the quotes generated by InspiroBot (an online inspirational poster-generator from 2015). No doubt you have seen something like this [...]

I am (not?) Sherlock Holmes, and so too are you

Revived from my drafts. Originally written towards the beginning of February 2017. This afternoon I spent a good chunk of a computer science lecture wondering whether the teacher accidentally implied Obama should serve a third term. Bear with me here.* I took notes so I would remember. The teacher, a tall and funny Indian dude [...]

You guys should really check out my travel blog, cause that’s where I’m at right now (Greece)

So for this Summer I (for those of you who don't go to Northeastern that means the period from the second week of May until the end of June) I am studying abroad. I've done this once before, traveling to Kunming for a language-learning trip last year, and if you have the chance to do [...]