So let's talk about prescriptions. Specifically prescriptions in language and grammar. (aha, bet you thought I was gonna start describing this dude a la this video) Prescriptive Grammar is something that you probably are familiar with. It's the idea that something is right and wrong when communicating in a certain language and medium. It's the [...]


Taiwanese Soft-Rock is better – meet WeiBird

I dunno if you have heard of WeiBird. But congratulations, now you have. This soft-rock pop vocal star is a superb slide into the fuzzy and melodic world of popular music in East Asia. I'm perhaps overstating his importance but 韦礼安 (Wei2 li3-an1) released an absolutely fire album in 2014 called 有所畏 (you3 suo3 wei4) [...]

Welcome to ScHoolboy Q’s melancholic trap hell – Album Review for WRRB 104.9

Hello there! For the next month and a half I am chilling in Boston doing stuff and things. One of the 'stuff and things' I am doing is writing album reviews for the local radio station. Take a gander on my latest review (by clicking on this link) and be sure to give ScHoolboy Q's [...]

I covered the Northeastern All-Majors Career fair – read all about it

Hey there compatriot. I put out a new article somewhat recently. Picked it up as a piece that needed claiming for The Huntington News. Instead of making progress with my own career search I decided to cover the career fair. It was posted online a bit ago now, but hey, it's still worth a read. [...]

Hey there, I wrote a story about a recent Ravyn Lenae concert. She’s dope

Hey there guys! Check out my latest published story with The Huntington News. I cover Ravyn Lenae's show in a venue on Northeastern's campus and talk a lot about Asoh Black! (the opening act). https://www.huntnewsnu.com/2018/03/students-enjoy-energetic-ravyn-lenae-and-asoh-black-afterhours-show

Covering Super Smash Brothers Melee in New England

So I am a fan of a children's party game called Super Smash Brothers Melee. It's old now, but people are still improving at this platform-based brawler. I'm a (very small) part of the New England Melee community and sometimes go to larger tournaments and get wrecked by the many people who are better than [...]