Fantasy is worth talking about – an introduction

I have always loved the imagined worlds that live inside other people’s minds.

Whatever may be happening in today’s reality, the conjured happenings of made-up places populated with made-up personalities always offers an escape. It might be for the sake of avoiding boredom, loneliness, stress or what have you, but there’s nothing like losing yourself in some other place.

Fantasy is my genre of choice. I have no misgivings about this. Where others might be repelled by ‘unrealistic’ or ‘magical fluff,’ I am intrigued. I grew up on writers such as Terry Pratchett, Tamora Pierce and Rick Riordan and though I read other things, I always return to fantasy.

If you take a look at, the word fantasy can be defined as “imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained.”

I’m a fan. I can’t get enough fantastic fantasy content, whether it be in book form or not. So as my newest project I’m writing a blog about this stuff.

For now my beat is fantasy in all its forms, though I might lean towards books. Fantasy movies or television programming also counts. The edges of the genre may be hazy, but basically my opinion on what fantasy constitutes is simply that there are somehow unexplained or odd to the extreme ‘magic’ of any sort. If physics doesn’t always work for human sized objects in your story, I would say that it’s fantasy.

The details of the world aren’t really what matters most of the time, if I’m being honest. The stories that people tell are the intriguing parts.

I’ll be keeping up with the following sites in my coverage of the genre:


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