Poo Tee Tweet – accounts to follow

For those of you on Twitter, I have some suggestions:

Neil Gaiman: A journalist from the UK turned full-time horror and fantasy writer. The author of such books as American Gods, Stardust and Anansi Boys.

Scott Lynch: The author of the Gentleman Bastard series of books as well as a volunteer firefighter. Has had struggles with depression, and posts relatively infrequently. Most tweets are about his personal life.

New York Time Books: The New York Times twitter feed on Books. Surprisingly enough, they link back to the New York Times.

Joe Abercrombie: One of the pioneers of a grimmer, darker vision of fantasy. Author of The First Law series.

Lev Grossman: A book critic who writes for the New York Times. Authored The Magicians, which has since been made into a popular television series on SyFy. I am currently reading his first novel, Warp.

John Green (and for bonus content, his brother Hank Green): The creator(s) of the vlogbrothers Youtube channel. John Green is a successful author, and these two head the self-proclaimed “Nerd-fighter” community of fans.

Jim Butcher: Author of The Dresden Files  (an page-turning urban fantasy series) as well as The Codex Alera. Writes books that don’t stop moving, but he posts infrequently.

Fantasy Book Critic: The Twitter for the similarly-named blog. A resource for finding reviews as well as news.

Adam Whitehead: Creator of The Wertzone. A blogger from the UK who is diligent in his posting. For all your fantasy news needs.

Tor: The twitter of a UK-based publisher of specifically fantasy and science fiction stories.

Associated Press Oddities: Because everyone should follow and read these. It’s just interesting


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