Read this author’s account of crafting a story on rape

For this blog, I’m not too concerned with sticking to the genre of high fantasy (i.e. swords and dragons and all that), or in specializing in any particular associated sub genre. However, saying that I’ll be writing about ‘literature’ comes off as stuffy and more than a little untrue. I like the fantastic – the obviously untrue and imaginative – but I’ll be writing about more than that. Authors certainly have the ability to meld the worlds they create around their own ideas of reality. This may manifest in the arc of a story (i.e. a character dealing with emotional trauma, giant simplistic clashes between good and evil*, figuring out a crime), or in the races and characters and background of a world. I personally prefer writers who riff off the templates of Asimov and Pratchett, but that’s just me. The story is always more important than the background.

A while ago I was looking around for sites to add to the blogroll and I found The Nervous Breakdown, an online literary magazine that’s been around since 2006, and features posts in a blog format online. I found a post detailing an author’s thought process and experiences with rape and with writing about it. Give it a read through. The post doesn’t relate to fantasy in any tangible way, but it talks about why people write, and about what exactly are the bounds of rape. That to me is interesting – not just because rape is contentious, but because the author is analyzing herself, and her own emotions and asking questions about power and motivation. It doesn’t matter that the setting of most of the posts of this site is a version of reality – I will be adding this blog to the blogroll.

*Cough – cough. Tolkien.


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