Planning to cover Boston’s Anime Convention—Just another Weeaboo in Hynes

So last Friday I was having some trouble thinking of a final project topic to cover for my beat. Then I asked the class. And then suddenly there was no trouble.

I’ll be honest—I completely forgot the name of the classmate who suggested covering the annual Boston Anime Convention, but props to her.* The convention comes around to Hynes Convention Center every spring and it’s not only extremely conveniently timed for the purposes of the class schedule (falling on the weekend of March 31 – April 2), but it holds personal interest for me.

The event also happens to land directly on my beat (right smack dab in the middle of fantasy, storytelling and silliness). That’s pretty nice.

In terms of sources, I am extraordinarily out of my depth. I have no idea who constitutes an expert source on Anime other than the people that create them. And since those that create Japanese media are mostly Japanese living in Japan (or at least that’s my perception), I’m not sure who to contact.

Fortunately, I have an in with just the group of people who might be most expert in Japanese Media and Japanese fantasy—and I bought it today. That’s right, I purchased a ticket and will be attending the convention (Edit: It turns out I lied actually. I did not actually buy a ticket. I started the process and did not complete it. I’ll either end up procuring a Press Pass or getting one of the limited number of at the door Weekend Passes ). I’m betting that I’ll be able to find every source I need for my purposes over the weekend of March 31.

I plan to bring my camera and take many pictures. The photo story will either be my collected best shots from the weekend, more specific coverage of some panel or a collage of cosplayers. I haven’t decided yet.

I have never attended a convention on the subject but I have seen a fair amount of Japanese content. I am familiar with the medium.

The video portion of the project will feature anime superfans talking about what they love, some expert source (TBD) as well as the perspective of some ‘normie’. I want to emphasize how strange this convention is to the average passerby. I remember last year I was one of the many passing by. The strange costumes and pep was evident then, and I’m betting that this year will be no different.

The story that I plan to write will probably be about the convention as a whole, but I don’t really know yet. I’ll be spending a large amount of time in the convention center that weekend, so I trust that I will figure it out.

*It was Rowena (edit).

Header Photo: Source, photograph is dedicated to the public domain.


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