And now, time for some artsy pictures

I’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the artsy pictures I took last night at a Dan Deacon show. Most of these pictures are of the opening act, Department of Everything.

Because of the lens that I use (18-105 mm with variable zoom), it is difficult to take good photos in Afterhours. This is because it isn’t well-suited to shooting in the dark. Now I learned how to adjust settings and shoot manually mostly by feel, so I just don’t know some camera terminology and techniques, but I basically have two options. I can turn the ISO up (which makes the pictures grainier than I’d like), or I can turn down the shutter speed (I can also mess with the aperture, but the amount of difference that makes in this situation is negligible).

Every band-member is visible, if not recognizeable. From left to right, Adam Straus on bass, Zach Cadman on euphonium, Mark Aylward on vocals and sampling, and Same Hanson on drums.

With the goal being to take photos that have the correct amount of light coming through and everything looking not too bright and not too dark, I started taking pictures with extremely low shutter speed. Some of them look cool. So here you go. I took some artsy things. Enjoy.

Some of the crowd at Department of Everything shown with Adam Strauss playing bass in the center. Notice the faces.
Bane face.
This could be from an anime.
A dark phone call.
An interesting face.
Frenetic drumming.
His hair is moving but he is not.
Motion part 2.


Sitting bassist
The stage.
Jumping bassist.

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