I am (not?) Sherlock Holmes, and so too are you

Revived from my drafts. Originally written towards the beginning of February 2017.

This afternoon I spent a good chunk of a computer science lecture wondering whether the teacher accidentally implied Obama should serve a third term.

Bear with me here.*

I took notes so I would remember.

Just some notes from class that I jotted down so I would remember this occurrence. The relevant figures are on the top half.

The teacher, a tall and funny Indian dude named Amit, was explaining how exactly arrays are stored on disk when written in Java. For those not familiar, it’s not important really. To do so. he drew a long rectangle on the blackboard (really more of a green-board) and then scratched in four interior lines to make five squares, each representing a piece of data that takes up the same amount of space (each one an int in the array represented by the big rectangle**). Even more interior lines were then added, dividing up the squares into groups of four tightly nestled dominoes. The rectangle in the image above is my own rather less neat depiction.

He then labeled the boxes with the last four election years as well as the next and said something along the lines of ‘the numbers here are arbitrary, simply meant to represent a location on the disk.’

This from a man who when advising students to ignore something called “Groovy JUnit testing” regularly takes the opportunity to do a little disco dance and put an ’80s lilt in his voice (I’ve seen him do it twice now). Naturally, I knew immediately that he was lying.

I am not Sherlock Holmes. My mind does not work like Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the classic character.

More like this version of Sherlock.

Herein ends the draft version. All else is new content tee-em.

But I am still convinced. I did waver for a while, but he seemed pretty straight-faced at the time. And if I know jokes, I know that a straight-faced Amit is a dangerous joke-machine. I’m not saying he intentionally loaded in the political double meaning, but it seemed like it was there, unplanned perhaps, but present.

Or I’m just wrong. Who really cares honestly. Fake news?

*The actual lecture covered such topics as aliasing, why null is stupid to use most of the time and how arrays work in Java. The class is called Object Oriented Design. I did pay attention to the things that we talked about that were new to me. Don’t judge me.

**Blah blah blah. This stuff doesn’t really matter for the purposes of this blog.


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