You may have seen the work of InspiroBot, but have you experienced the kidneys of justice?

I am experimenting with Clickbait. Please forgive me.

You Are Digital

In the interests of attracting memers, edgelords and webhounds to my personal blog, here is my latest foray into online culture. I have spent some time clicking through the quotes generated by InspiroBot (an online inspirational poster-generator from 2015).

Sacrifice Heroes.jpg

No doubt you have seen something like this before. A collection of quotes paired with pictures, created by a website that claims to be Artificial Intelligence.

Clown Mask Not Normal.jpg

I wonder how they do it. Do they have some machine learning algorithm tracking the shares and likes and retweets and improving itself? Probably not.

Better Humans By Eating.jpg

But wouldn’t that be cool?

Constipation Social Skills.jpg

Anyway, I went to the techno-wilderness and clicked through this website for quite a while. I have returned to share the fruits of my labor with you—my generous readership.

Art Gallery Death Camp.jpg

I was working, not playing. This stuff is serious.

Angry At Sadness.jpg

Seriously someone pay me for aggregating these valuable pictures and putting them into a well-formed article. Look at how many images there are.

Control Masses.jpg

They break up the text wonderfully. Now all I need is to end with something that mimics a conceit—that leaves you, the viewing public, with a bruised kidney.

Blood Thirst.jpg

Have you ever read or watched a piece of content and really paid attention? Really got lost in the place that you are being told is real? That you can live in a little?

Drinking Blood.jpg

And have you witnessed a person in that world get what they deserve? Truly get their just deserts?

Think Three Times.jpg

If you have, then you have in all probability experienced what my friend Ross calls “justice kidneys.” Something poetic or deserved or true happens, and you feel it. It impacts you. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but I hope it’s a feeling that the wider public can enjoy.

Loneliness Drugs.jpg

It’s like being kicked in the kidneys, but immediately afterwards you feel like it was exactly what needed to happen. Sort of like going on a run.

Employer Dream Girl.jpg

I strive in all my published fictional works to spread this feeling (I currently have zero published fictional works, so I’m still on track with that goal). Fingers crossed.

Doctors Indoctrinated.jpg


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