Spinning the web worldwide

Have you ever projected your thoughts directly onto the surface of a distant sun? A sun whose surface is on display for anyone who feels like stopping by, in a galaxy of similarly opaque celestial bodies?

It’s like lighting my own personal bat signal. It’s special. It’s howling at the moon.

Others join in. We can’t all howl every night because if that were the case then no one would be able to get any sleep and hoarseness would be a pandemic.

And there’s not enough room for everyone’s bat signal on plain old clouds. So at some point in the past we all agreed to use our future-technology that no-one understands (except the nerds and the corporations, who everyone else doesn’t like precisely because only they understand it) to shoot our messages past everything that we know, out into the darkness to find pinpricks of fire. We cast our lights there, as well as our shadow.

Sometimes, we catch a twinkle in our personal patch of sky. Sometimes, the star communicates with us through the tiny future-computers that we all got used to carrying around 5 years ago.

But we can all see the sun. Or the moon. Or the constellations. At least when there isn’t smog and light in the way. We can see the maps that have been drawn up there, the stories that are yet to be told. The sheer enormity of it.

I for one, want to have an effect. I want my constellation to be one that my neighbor sees, the one that my cousin 500-times removed sees. I’d like for my brain-patterns to be recognized and recognizable. Lines in the dark.

Edit: Also this.


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