You guys should really check out my travel blog, cause that’s where I’m at right now (Greece)

So for this Summer I (for those of you who don't go to Northeastern that means the period from the second week of May until the end of June) I am studying abroad. I've done this once before, traveling to Kunming for a language-learning trip last year, and if you have the chance to do [...]


Northeastern’s hottest venue (in a Starbucks) hosted Dan Deacon awhile back and I got to see it

Check out my overview of a Dan Deacon concert back in April. Good stuff.

Japanese Animation is it’s own thing

The first time I watched Japanese animation was so early in my childhood that any memories of that time are bound to be at least partially fabricated. I was born in January of 1997, mere months before "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" was shown on Cartoon Network's Toonami block for the first time. Years later, [...]

Eric Andre tortures his guests, flips interviews for fun

Earlier this semester I saw Eric Andre's stand up comedy routine as performed at Northeastern's Blackman auditorium. It didn't seem that radical at the time - at least compared to what I had been told to expect. Hazy memories were all I had of the last time I had seen any of Andre's work [...]

Into The Badlands’ first season is both terrible and awesome

I binge-watched season one of Into The Badlands recently to help distract myself from a coding project. It was a questionable decision overall, but I can't really fault myself for the choice in show. For those among us who like to watch beautiful violence on television, Into The Badlands was made for you. The [...]

And now, time for some artsy pictures

I'd like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the artsy pictures I took last night at a Dan Deacon show. Most of these pictures are of the opening act, Department of Everything. Because of the lens that I use (18-105 mm with variable zoom), it is difficult to take good photos in Afterhours. [...]

Introducing Terry Pratchett, a knight and a scholar

One day in a used bookstore on Route 66*, I found a book with a turtle on it. The turtle was floating in the center of a blue sky and it was shiny. "Ooh, that's cool. Turtles are cool," I remember thinking.** That was when I first met Sir Terry Pratchett. I was in middle [...]